Where Control Comes From

True Control of the Golf Swing

When you performed the walking exercise, what did you really accomplish? (If you didn’t do the exercise, take the time to do it, or you will be wasting your time: The mind/body connection

During the second part of the walking exercise, you controlled the muscles of your body from your core down to your feet with a simple intention.

So how is it possible?

Let me demonstrate with an example you’ll easily be able to relate to…

Have you ever tripped on something and suddenly thrown out an arm or leg to stay balanced? Did you have to think about it, or did it happen automatically?

The explanation – Your body has an automatic balance system that monitors your balance 24/7. The moment you find yourself out of balance, the auto-balance system takes over and does whatever it needs to to regain balance. In essence, in a millisecond, the auto-balance system takes control of the muscles to regain balance… whether you like it or not.

Now more questions…

Why do we have muscles? To overcome the effects of gravity. Think about it… If astronauts stay in space too long, their muscles atrophy because their muscle don’t have work… Because there is no gravity in space.

Next question…

Why does the body have an auto-balance system? Again, to protect the body from the effects of gravity… Falling down can hurt the body.

What do the answers to the last two questions tell you? The communication system that controls balance and muscle movement is the same and it is in response to the same force… Gravity. If your movement control in your body respond to gravity, why should your golf swing be any different?

What I’m getting at is a simpler way of monitoring your golf swing for accuracy…

The real source of frustration most golfers experience…
What is the real challenge we all face when we play golf? Control over our actions: Let’s face it, nothing is more aggravating then attempting a certain shot only to see the ball to something very different from what you had in mind!

Until now, if you are working on a certain part of your golf swing, the only choice you have on the golf course is to try to feel the same sensations in your body you felt during practice. But as a golfer who has tried it, you probably know that it’s difficult and not very accurate because the muscles send different signals to the brain as their state changes. They feel one way during practice, but if the muscles are warmer, colder, or stiffer, they feel different. So when their state changes, you lose the feel of your movement and with it, control of your golf swing.

Muscle state changes the signals they send to the brain, but balance signals never change because they aren’t based on the state of the muscles. Balance signals are based on the force of gravity, which stays the same as far as a golfer can tell.

Here’s the breakthrough when it comes to control… You can monitor and control every part of your golf swing accurately by taking advantage of the auto-balance system in your body.

Remember the walking exercise used to demonstrate Bio-Visual Focus? It works because you are monitoring the proprioceptors in the bottoms of your feet that play one of the largest roles monitoring balance for the subconscious mind. By monitoring the weight felt under the feet, you can control the entire movement of the golf swing accurately while also automatically compensating for normal changes in muscle state.

Control comes from monitoring your body’s Dynamic Balance system. That’s the very system that throws out the arm or leg to keep you in balance when you trip on something.

Monitoring Dynamic Balance is the real secret behind the overwhelming success of Golf Swing Control, the book and instruction course I wrote to help golfers world-wide gain control over their golf swings, improve their games, and quickly reduce their handicaps.

Monitoring Dynamic Balance is also the first step of the Bio-Visual Focus process, which is why the walking exercise has so much impact if you take the time to perform it correctly.