Why Continue BVF Training?

I was stopped in my tracks the other day by a simple question: Why should I continue Bio-Visual Focus training?

BVF solves all of the unsolved issues that plague golfers below a 10 handicap. More than that, BVF helps competitive golfers keep the game of golf in perspective while making winning golf more fun than work.

  • If you spend all of your time on the driving range or at the shrink’s office trying to fix your game, then golf has become work and BVF will solve that.
  • If you step up to a shot and STILL have doubts about the shot as you pull the trigger.
  • If you’ve ever had a glitch (mental OR physical) on the golf course that ruined your round and you couldn’t figure it out.
  • If you still have streaks of bad shots and inconsistency no matter how much you practice.
  • If you’ve searched high and low for answers to either your physical game, mental game or BOTH, and you haven’t found any answers that consistently work for you, you will find them here.

What to expect during the course:

  • Conquer the most common reason for inconsistency – understand it and be able to use it ON THE GOLF COURSE.
  • Realize why the technical aspects of the golf swing are no longer a factor once you have a swing you feel comfortable with.
  • Feel what it’s like to have YOUR golf swing conform itself automatically to fit your body and work without worry it will ever break down again.
  • Understand where true present focus must be during the golf shot, how to get it and never lose it.
  • Experience focused shot control so accurate that your shots go where you intend for them to go.
  • Experience focus and control so absolute that it gives you the confidence to make every shot without a shred of doubt in your mind.
  • Know what it’s like to be “the golfer everyone wants to beat” on the golf course every time you enter a tournament.

It doesn’t sound like your normal golf instruction course, because it isn’t. Golf is so much more than the golf swing.

On the golf course you have to consider the conditions and the many distractions that can cause needless mistakes. This course teaches you how to make golf shots and eliminate the mistakes that cause you to miss cuts, lose tournaments and generally kick yourself.

So, if:

  • You completed the first 3 lessons successfully…
  • You want an unstoppable golf game…
  • You believe you can have an unstoppable golf game…

Then you need to sign up for the rest of the Bio-Visual Focus training.
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One thought on “Why Continue BVF Training?”

  1. I am about 70 years old and a week-end golfer. Though late, I am operationalizing your concepts as I believe in it to be doable. Will give you feedback before Christmas. Thank you so much.

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