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If you have completed the course and it is time to cancel your membership, simply go into your paypal account and cancel the automatic payment.

Please feel free to leave us feedback under our comments section on this page.  Thank you, and we hope to regain your business in the near future.


Tracy Reed & the Bio-Visual Focus staff

One thought on “Membership Cancellation”

  1. It had been a life time experience for me. I am already a scatch golfer after 15yrs of struggle. I have achieved a lot – beyond golf. I have learnt that if you put your mind, heart & soul to anything seriously you can achieve it.

    My sincere thanks goes to Tracy for teaching me the right path to play effortless golf. I will never forget what you have taught me. I have to tell you this story – I was playing golf with me friends (I haven’t played with them since I joined BVF) and they were astonied what they saw – I was able to create any shots and I even showed-off by hitting 150yd par 3 with my EYES CLOSED and almost got hole-in-one (end up with birdie). I have to literally help one of my friend to close his mouth. They asked me who was my coach and I replied – Tracy Reed!!! They said when can we meet him and we’re willing to pay any amount to be as good as me. I told them that I NEVER met this guy and everything I learnt was online and via email. They couldn’t stop laughing!!! They probably thought I was taking some kind of illegal substance like the guy in the movie “Limitless”. Anyway, I gave them the BVF email address and hope few more Aussies will join in.

    Once again thanks to Tracy and the Bio-Visual Focus Staff.


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