The Right Visualization For Golf

In my last post, I brought up the problem with visualization when making a golf shot. If the image you are trying to visualize is different from the image your subconscious is trying to send out for the body to operate and create your golf swing, the difference of opinion will distract and hurt your golf swing. I said there was an answer to this problem…

The answer is simple – Find out what your subconscious is trying to see and that is the image you must work with during your shot.

Here’s how:

Go to the range and warm up. Once you’re hitting the ball well, take a good balanced stance, CLOSE YOUR EYES,and try to hit the golf ball.

Don’t worry about hitting the ball, you probably won’t. Instead, focus on the image your mind is trying to see as you try to hit the golf ball.

You may not see it at first, but keep trying. Usually it take 5 to 10 shots to see the image.

Once you have your image, that is your starting point.

Now I put this challenge out to golfers all of the time and I can count the number of players who have actually tried this on one hand.

If you’re serious about golf, this image and moment in time is where you will make your greatest breakthrough because this is where the secret of the body and mind game of golf come together as one.

So, are you really serious about golf?

This is where I ultimately find out who the real golfers are. Comments?

Visualization – Your edge at The US Open

So you want to qualify for the US Open.

In my last post I said that your edge on the golf course and the answer to getting rid of destructive conscious thoughts is to bring in visual thoughts that the mind would rather focus on to replace the conscious thoughts.

Good visualization can keep you properly focused even when the pressure has your throat so dry you can’t spit.

But I also said that there can be a problem with visualization…

The problem is what happens when you clearly visualize a shot, but what you hit is nowhere near what you visualized.

What do you thing the brain does then?

It says, “Well, THAT didn’t work!” which undermines the idea of using visualization.

But if you know WHY it happens, you may be able to salvage your mind. You see, there’s a SECOND distraction that can destroy your game!

The first distraction was conscious thoughts that distract the subconscious mind from sending the right visual messages to your body to create the proper movement during the golf swing.

The second distraction is a disagreement in the subconscious mind as to what visual images are the right ones to create your golf swing.

You see, your golf swing doesn’t just show up out of nowhere. Every time you make a physical movement, your subconscious has to create a visual movie for the body to follow. This happens for the golf swing… Every time.

This disagreement comes from those who tell you what visual image to hold in your mind as you make your golf swing. I’m not going to tell you what it should be, but rather allow you to find out.

The method is simple. Go try to hit golf balls with your eyes closed. Instead of trying to hit the ball, make a swing and try to see what your mind is trying to focus on in order to hit the golf ball.

Most mental “experts” will tell you that you should focus on your target, but your mind has a different target.

Your mind’s target is the golf ball.

That presents an issue because you are most likely more worried about getting the ball to the target.

So here’s how the second distraction happens. You are trying to focus on one image and your mind is trying to create and send another image to the body. This disagreement in your subconscious visual mind is a distraction that can cause unwanted errant shots AND a breakdown of your confidence.

What I’m saying here is that visualization is the way to get rid of damaging conscious thoughts, but focusing on the wrong pictures can be just as damaging.

No matter what method you use, if the results don’t match the intention, your mind starts to reject your method.

There is a solution that stops this…

Any takers?

US Open Qualifying

I’ve been around golf a long time. Every year the best golfers I know try to qualify for the US Open.

Every year, on golf courses they normally play at 2 to 4 under par, I see great golfers lose it and miss qualification.

So why does it happen?

They certainly have the game to make it, but along the way, their mind gets in the way. It’s usually only a few shots that make the difference. Once they know that The US Open is out of reach again, they go back to playing a normal game of golf.

So the problem is mental… What’s the cure? Think nothing? That’s impossible.

But golfers who have played in the zone say they weren’t thinking anything! That sentence needs to be finished. They weren’t thinking anything conscious! It’s not easy to do, and it can’t be done by “not thinking.”

The reason golfers who have experienced the zone didn’t think anything conscious is because they were thinking completely from their subconscious. They were thinking visually.

So, if you want to qualify for the US Open Golf Tournament, you will need to be able to keep your conscious thoughts from sabotaging your effort. The solution is to think visually.

Of course, there are some issues there as well…

Comments or questions?

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