Why the Golf Mental Zone is so Fleeting?

Any professional who has played golf, or any other sport for that matter, has probably experienced “The Mental Zone.”  The Mental Zone is that time period during your golf game where you don’t seem to think and your golf swing just works perfectly.

Golf professionals also know that the mental Zone is fleeting.  It’s a mystery as to why and when it will show up, and you never know how long it will last.  To answer these questions you first have to know, what is happening in your mind and body when you’re in the Zone.

Let’s start with the mind first.  Athletes will tell you they don’t think when they’re in the Zone.  Actually they don’t think consciously.  They’re body gets movement instructions from the subconscious and in the Zone this happens without interruption from the conscious.  So mentally, the Zone is the absence of conscious thought.

Why does your body move so perfectly in the Zone?   When the body is working perfectly it’s because it is in perfect balance…perfect dynamic balance.  Dynamic balance means, that the muscles of the body are all engaged, and they are working evenly with their opposing muscles.  When it comes to trying to capture what is happening in the body, athletes try to capture a feel.  Here’s the paradox: when the muscles are working evenly they all feel the same.  Since there is no feel that stands out, there is no feel to capture.  So, basically, there is an absence of specific feel in the Zone.

So, in golf, how do you find the mental Zone?  Take away all feel and conscious thought? Not as easy said as done.

Just a quick question for you to think about: if the Zone is the absence of conscious thought, can you consciously think your way into the Zone?  I ask this because mental golf gurus around the world are trying to convince golfers they can do it.  But getting into the mental zone on the golf course is a process, not a way of thinking.

And the question remains: How, if you can’t get there consciously, do you find the Zone?  In golf, one person has isolated this mental process.  His name is Tracy Reed.  After 25 years of research, he created a process which captures the Zone and improves movement by making it self-correcting.   The process is called Bio-Visual Focus.  Bio-Visual focus doesn’t actually capture anything, it is a step-by-step process that first, places your body in perfect balance, and next, moves your body into the mental state of thinking from the subconscious without interruption from the conscious for total focus during the most critical part of any round of golf; the golf shotWhich is exactly what happens when you find the zone on the golf course.

3 thoughts on “Why the Golf Mental Zone is so Fleeting?”

  1. Tracy , I find your subject matter fascinating .. Having studied theories of learning and gone into Stimulus / Response , Selection and Bonding of key information in order to develop skills , I am intriqued . I look forward to learning more .
    Jeffrey Curran

  2. Hi Tracy, great stuff. We use our Focusband to detect (in real-time) the mental state of a golfer while going through their mental preshot routine. Our goal is to have them in Mushin State of mind before they execute their shot. Would like to discuss this further with you. Cheers for Australia

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