The Bio-Visual Focus Edge

Proper practice gives you an edge on the golf course that nobody else has… Do you know what that edge is? The answer is “More Myelin.”

Scientists have recently isolated THE process that takes place in the brain that separates the very best from their “lesser gifted” counterparts.

In a nutshell, whenever certain neurons in the brain are fired properly, they get wrapped with a material called myelin, which insulates the neurons and enhances their ability to fire better. The more wraps of myelin, the better the neurons fire, the more clearly the message gets to the body, and the more exact the results.

How does one stimulate the myelination process?

Proper practice… Which means that any average Joe can do it if they dedicate themselves to it.

Of course, JUST practicing won’t do it… Or we would all be at the top level. There are caveats.

  • Your Practice must be highly focused.
  • Practice must pay attention to every detail.
  • Mistakes must constantly be caught and immediately corrected.

Given the complicated manner of the golf swing, this list shines a light on the reason many pros aren’t at the top of the leader board every week.

The first issue is the method so many golfers are being taught to practice. The vast majority are taught to hit thousands of golf balls and that “Muscle Memory” would take over. Translated: With enough repetition, the brain will automatically create a highly repeating golf swing.

The problem is that in the “Muscle Memory” process, the memory part is passive. It almost sounds ridiculous to think that the muscles can cause the mind to remember something. The muscles are not wired to do that.

But you are also taught not to think about your golf swing because thinking screws up your swing, which is correct…

So how can someone practice their swing, focus on every detail AND correct mistakes as they make them?

That is the very question that drove me for years to discover the process of Bio-Visual Focus.

  • Your brain communicates with your body visually, so the “Visual” part of the process is how you learn to think when training without getting in the way of your golf swing.
  • To correct mistakes immediately, you need a consistent “map” to compare the movement you “see” in your mind to… That’s the Bio part of the equation.
  • The combination of the two parts plus your dedication creates the super focus that you need to stimulate the Myelin to wrap the proper neurons over and over until they become super-conductors.

The advantage of using Bio-Visual Focus is that you can condense 8 hours of practice into 30 minutes or less, which means you can advance quickly. And if you can remain focused… More IS better!

The only disadvantage is that Bio-Visual Focus is a guided process. Every step must be evaluated before moving to the next. Moving through the process too quickly nullifies the process of myelination.

What I’m saying is that so far, the process can’t be canned. If you read The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle, you should notice in every hotbed of talent, there is always one very astute, and patient practitioner that guides the future super-talents through the process.

I am quite excited to be able to say that the results I have witnessed with my students so far show that Bio-Visual Focus stimulates the myelination process faster and produces faster, more permanent results than any other practice method I have seen used in golf to date.