Bubba Watson’s Secret

Bubba Watson pulled off some miracle golf shots to win the Masters… Or did he?

Every golf guru in the world is scrambling (inside) to figure out an angle on how Bubba Watson can win on the PGA Tour without a golf swing coach. After all, it’s all about the golf swing isn’t it? The golf instruction industry has built up this premise since Ben Hogan wrote The Modern Fundamentals of Golf and what a business it is!

Then along comes Bubba and shatters every “given” that has been spouted on TV and in the magazines, but there remains one question: How did he do it?

Bubba himself will tell you it’s his creativity. He just sees the shots and hits them. And yes, he hits a few wild ones, but it doesn’t matter because he has the creativity to escape from anywhere.

But other professionals can see those shots and still have difficulty pulling them off, so once again…

How does Bubba do it?

The answer isn’t in seeing the golf shots… The answer is WHERE Bubba sees those golf shots.

Bubba’s secret shatters the mental game myth that has plagued golfers since the mental game has been taught. What myth?

The myth I’m talking about is that golfers should focus on the target. When Bubba hit his golf shots, he isn’t focused where all of the mental game gurus would have him focus.

When Bubba Watson hits a golf shot he is focused at the golf ball and his concern is seeing impact.

If you remember the old adage, “Stay in the present”? Well Bubba is absolutely in the present when he hits his shots. You have to hit the golf ball in the now and only AFTER you hit the golf ball will it go to the target. The target in golf is in the future. Sorry folks but a PGA Tour Golfer FINALLY proved what I’ve been saying for years.

Bubba’s secret? Bring the target back to impact. That’s what he does for every golf shot.

It took me over 25 years of research to learn how to do this and then even more time to create a step by step process to be able to consistently teach low handicap golfers how to do the very thing that Bubba Watson does naturally.

Until now, nobody was interested.

Maybe now golfer’s will realize there is much more to winning golf than a great golf swing…

Thanks Bubba!

Learn more about Bio-Visual Focus – Bringing the target back to the golf ball

One thought on “Bubba Watson’s Secret”

  1. Love the work Mr Reed. Your perspective is light years ahead and surprised that all the Top Pro’s aren’t already working with you…. I work as a mental performance coach, and the perspective I offer is defined in my white paper on keenanvanzile.com it literally revolutionizes sport in regards to mental performance. My work relates to the conscious and subconscious which you get, as not many mental “gurus” understand or have worked with themselves – People cant teach something they dont understand as well as we are all different, thus we process different as well via learning…
    I admire that you invested 25 years into understanding golf, the dynamics and mentality – thus creating Bio-Visual Focus, I have been reading your entries, have figured out the process but have one question – How do you program the images?
    I understand you can work on technique, via Bio-Visual Focus but the reaction to environment, tournament play, etc, a lot of “other mental” coaches don’t know how to assist there students in how to be in the present. Be in the present – is not planning a shot or visualizing 4 shots ahead, or how it will be, you already technically lost. it is truly shot by shot and as you pointed out its not aiming or visualizing the target “see the shot”
    I believe there is no perfect swing, stroke but the one you show up with… shot by shot just accept it – Mistakes or not the swing doesn’t change its your “reaction” to it that dictates your excellence with golf that day – same as in life.
    As human beings we have to accept we CAN”T “control anything” then we will succeed at playing golf – WHY- you will truly relax – Once you get this – Pressure is off, judgment and so for, vital when you play…

    Oh so much in just perspective, love to chat Mr. Reed.

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