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Tracy ReedTracy Reed is a Golf Biomechanic, former Military Interrogator, Mental Coach, author of “Golf Swing Control’ and “Breaking Golf’s Last Barrier”.

I love golf, but due to a severe back injury I suffered in the Army, I cannot practice my golf swing if I wish to walk afterwards.

That said, I refuse to give up golf. So for over 25 years I searched for a way to play golf without practice. I learned Biomechanics so I wouldn’t make my injury worse. It helped but I still had work to make my golf swing work more efficiently. I needed power and accuracy to limit the number of swings I made during a round of golf.

I studied every golf swing technique looking for the “Magic Move”. But in the end, no technique was able to solve this problem.

So I turned to my training as a Military Interrogator. I asked, is there a way to “hack” the mind to consistently create proper body movement? The eventual answer was YES, but it was a long road to simplify the process so the average golfer could easily use it. By studying movement in all sports, I was able to narrow down how the brain communicates with the body and found out why sometimes the your golf swing just won’t work like it should.

The result? Bio-Visual Focus simplifys and improves how your mind communicates to your body. By wrapping Bio-Visual Focus into one simple golf swing drill you will easily see the shot you want to hit and create your most powerful and efficient golf swing for that shot, any time, anywhere, without hours of endless practice banging golf balls

And if you enjoy practicing, it will be more fun using Bio-Visual Focus

Take some time to read the free articles. Then work on the first three lessons. Follow directions to the letter and email me with your results after each lesson. I’m sure that with an open mind, Bio-Visual Focus will alter your ideas about golf and help you to believe that golf actually IS an easy game.

I always like to hear ideas from golfers, so comments are welcome.


5 thoughts on “About Tracy Reed”

  1. Hi Tracy, this is all very interesting for me and have only discovered it for an hour or so and have not even started the first lessons. However I really must ask you something that has now bugged me for 5-6 years and although alot of improvement still not have been able to grasp it, I hope you can help.

    As I say around 5-6 years ago I noticed that when I looked back into a mirror and swung from there I had what i felt and still feel and what alot of pros and good golfers have told me is a great golf swing. However when my head goes back down I never seem to get the same feeling. I can actually hit the ball really well loking back and then at the ball just before impact but that will never be good enough for the standard i want to play at. I am currently a 9 handicap and was in my yourger years even down to 1.

    This, I know, is a strange one but perhaps together we can work it out. I am currently working on letting my mind see myself in the mirror while my head is down and not looking back and your exercises doing this with my eyes closed will I am sure help. I feel that in the last hour or so I have got further to get this image/feeling thatn i have in the last few years. This is exciting and would like very much to work with you on this. However I´m sure your help and advice is not for free and i can´t see anywhere on the web-site where and how I can pay for this advice/help. I look forward to hearing from you: pjbs57@gmail.com

    Thanks and kind regards, Peter

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