How to get Bio-Visual Focus Training
If you're reading this page, you have successfully completed the free lessons according to the directions and you are thinking seriously about continuing the course.

You also know that Bio-Visual Focus IS NOT traditional instruction by any means.

But then if you're here, it tells me that you are not the golfer who continues doing the same thing every day, looking for a different outcome... (the definition of insanity)

The object of this course is not only to increase your accuracy, show you how to get into the Zone for every shot, and to give you the confidence that:
  • You can hit any shot in the book any time you need it.
  • You don't have to hit thousands of golf balls to groove a golf swing you have to hope will carry you through a tournament without fail, because you actually can freely control every shot.
  • Your golf swing will develop to it's maximum power and accuracy.
  • Your golf swing is set for life so you won't be jumping from golf guru to golf guru for the rest of your career trying to find the perfect golf swing to get the best of your golf game.
  • You can beat any golf course, any time... Notice I didn't say any golfer? That is an improper mental attitude; when they see you play, they'll beat themselves.
  • No matter what happens on a golf course you can say, "I got this!"
So here's what to expect...

Bio-Visual Focus is eleven lessons, broken down into three sections - You've already completed the Section 1 so there are only 7 more lessons and you will have mastered the game of golf.

The purpose of the free lessons was to see if you could use the Bio-Visual Focus exercises and to show you in simple terms that you CAN do the following things that most people don't believe they can do:
  • Tap into your subconscious mind and actually see how it creates, monitors, and controls movement in the body.

  • Adjust the settings in your subconscious and watch how easily the body responds with corrections without days and days of countless repetition.

  • Learn that there are two systems at work in the subconscious - bio-feedback and intention - and learn to use both in concert to create and more importantly CONTROL movement through simple intention.

  • Enter the Zone at will without stress or hours of mental coaching.(You enter the zone during the very first walk when you see the bottoms of your feet.)
So those seemingly simple exercises have already done so much more for your golf game you may not be aware of. These are the building blocks for Bio-Visual Focus that you will use and perfect in the rest of the course to create a game that will amaze you.(When it all clicks, just about every golfer going through the course calls me just to tell me how amazed they are with what they are now able to do.)

Section 2 gives you a complete working knowledge of where true unlimited control comes from and how to summon it at any time. When you are through this section, you can shape any shot from a neutral stance using mind/body awareness and focus. You'll be amazed when you see that your shots are more consistent when you DON'T focus on the golf swing mechanics.

Section 3 is where the magic happens. Once you have your swing under control you learn how to add the element of intention. THIS is when your ball flight starts to impress even the best golfer. You can do things with your eyes closed that most golfers can't do with their eyes open! This is where you realize how far back in the stone age traditional golf instruction has entrenched itself. Section three is where your confidence is unshakeable and you free up your golf game forever.

I also train golfers to use BVF with their short game and putting, but because those aspects of the game are more personal, I prefer to work directly with them rather than by video. For these parts, I usually work via skype with golfers. It is included as part of your membership. Just contact me to work on these areas.

There are no other instructors in the world teaching the Active Awareness mind/body methodology so right here is the only place on the planet take your whole golf game from real good, to absolutely amazing.

You're probably wondering why I didn't put this out on DVD?

During the testing phases of this program, I quickly learned that this information has some interesting properties:
  • Each lesson in the series will help your golf game by itself, so you don't need to complete the series before you start using what you learned.
  • Some golfers can't help but to skim over the details and jump ahead - Golfers who did this during testing actually set themselves back and severely slowed their progress. Seeing this, I decided that I could not put this on DVD or into a book form for that matter as it could set the methodology back and hurt golfers' progress.
  • This way, I'm with you every step of the way so you get the best results. This interactive member format is also the only safe way to teach this information and get the results that will positively amaze you.
Here are the details to join:
Bio-Visual Focus is a limited membership website. As such, I am looking for serious golfers who realize the value of this one of a kind training.

Once you successfully complete the first 4 lessons, if you wish to get the rest of the training, you need to become a full member.

It is the only way other than visiting me personally to get this extraordinary training. I am still with you, but you save the cost of travel and lodging.
I have developed this website into a membership website to make Bio-Visual Focus more affordable and convenient.

So this website is interactive. I will work with you throughout the process to make sure you understand and can perform each step completely. My testing has proven that the inability to complete any step means that you just aren't ready yet. I will work with you to figure out any part of the program.

Once you are a member, I will work with you by email, phone or video, as needed to get you successfully through each level.
So, to sum it up; If you want:
  • Total Focus for every shot on the golf course.
  • Control over every shot so that you can hit it on the money even with your eyes closed.
  • The ability to turn the ZONE on and off at a moment's notice without the fear of losing it.
  • The confidence that you can fix ANY situation on the spot.
  • Total TRUST in your visualization, golf swing, and shot-making ability under even the greatest pressure.
  • To never need golf instruction for your golf game... ever again!
Then there is no other place on the planet you need to be but right here.
So how much is membership?
First, my in-person instruction rate starts with a $3,000 retainer and runs $1000/day (of active instruction). This gives the golfer total access to my services in person as needed until the training is complete. I am aware that this is out of reach for ordinary golfers so I found a win-win way to make this work for any golfer around the world who wants this training.

I took the exact training I do in person and recorded it into a series of step by step videos that has been proven with the golfers who have gone through the video course to be as effective as live instruction. The membership format gives golfers the ability to review each lesson as needed to pick up the details they may have missed the first time around.

Each video is a new level of instruction. There are only 11 levels, so depending on your ability to pay attention to detail, this training may not take long to master.

The best part is that even though I'm not right beside you, you still have access to me through the membership format, to answer questions and work out any specific issues that apply to your personal golf game. My goal is to help you succeed, so if in addition to normal email conversations, I need to analyze video or chat with you on the phone, I'll do it at no extra charge...

Right now, Lifetime Membership is only a flat fee of $497 , which is only half of my single day rate.

In addition, I am including a download copy of my yet unreleased book, "Breaking Golf's Last Barrier" which goes hand in hand with the Bio-Visual Focus training.

Why so low? Because, using this website, you can do most of this without needing my total attention, so I can help many golfers at the same time, which spreads the cost out to make it affordable. Like I said, it's a win-win because it pays my costs and remains affordable for you.
MY GOAL is to get every member to the level in their own golf game where they can win any time they step onto a golf course. If this sounds a little lofty to you, then you might not be Bio-Visual Focus material. With the results I have seen from the golfers I have trained so far, it IS possible, provided YOU are willing to believe it.

REMEMBER: This is the ONLY place on the planet you will find this training.

If you have questions at this point, please call me at 239-227-7989. Unlike The other "gurus" in golf, I'm willing to give you my personal number and I answer my calls(unless I'm giving a lesson).

Here's how to become a lifetime member and get in the Zone for each and every golf shot, on and off the golf course...

Don't forget: I am also including a download copy of my unreleased book, "Breaking Golf's Last Barrier" which works hand in hand with the Bio-Visual Focus system.

"I've worked with Tracy for years and had nothing but success. His visualization techniques are the best I have ever seen, and his ground breaking Dynamic Balance routines are something that every golfer, whether beginner or professional should use."
Gary Brewer II, PGA Professional

"I have had more success, higher finishes, and bigger paychecks in the 2 months since I worked with Tracy than I did in the previous 4 years... and the results have been almost instantaneous."
Curtis Knight Golf Professional Jacksonville, Florida

Nick is back on track after just one hour with Tracy... After only 1 hour with Tracy working on both his mental and physical golf game together, Nick shot a 67 his first time out after an 8 month layoff due to a shoulder injury.
Nick Vaden Golf Professional Palm Coast, FL

"My sincere thanks goes for teaching me the right path to play effortless golf. I will never forget what you have taught me. I have to tell you this story...

I was playing golf with my friends (I haven't played with them since I joined BVF) and they were astonished what they saw - I was able to create any shot and I even showed-off by hitting 150yd par 3 with my EYES CLOSED and almost got hole-in-one (end up with birdie). I had to literally help one of my friends close his mouth. They asked me who was my coach and I replied - Tracy Reed!!! They said when can we meet him and we're willing to pay any amount to be as good as me. I told them that I NEVER met this guy and everything I learnt was online and via email. They couldn't stop laughing!!! They probably thought I was taking some kind of illegal substance like the guy in the movie "Limitless".

Anyway, I gave them the BVF email address and hope few more Aussies will join in. Once again thanks to Tracy and the Bio-Visual Focus Staff."
Raj Singh, Adelaide, Australia

"Bio-Visual Focus has literally transformed my game."

Your work with Bio-Visual Focus is outstanding. Even as a low single digit handicapper I NEVER stepped up to the ball with full confidence. This may sound strange, but until I learned Bio-Visual Focus, I didn't even realize how tentative I was over the ball! Sure I hit some good shots -- sometimes I would even have streaks of several great shots in a row, but did I have true confidence? No, not really. Back then if considering shots I perceived to be difficult, I would actually freeze for a couple of moments after getting set up to the ball. No more.

Bio-Visual Focus has literally transformed my game. Now I simply decide exactly what I want to do, step up to the ball, and perform. It's amazing to see the ball doing exactly what I visualized as part of my pre-shot routine. I can't believe the transformation. I don't have to "hit it and hope" anymore. Those days are long gone!

Tracy, your program is pure gold. I wish I had found Bio-Visual Focus earlier. I could have saved thousands of dollars on instructional videos, books, and lessons from teaching professionals. Nobody puts it all together like you do in Bio-Visual Focus.
Michael Reynolds, Columbus Ohio

Ross shot his age... at age 70!

Hello Tracy
It was in March 2008 I contacted you via your Golf Swing Control and I was introduced to the concept of Dynamic Balance.

I knew then that after 40+ years playing on single figures (and that was on courses worldwide as golf was my business) that I would take the radical step and change my swing completely and use dynamic balance as the base. It was very difficult at first.

I am now using my feet to get better balance (Dynamic Balance technique) with the putting as well. It has made tremendous difference and long putts are so accurate.

Anyway, the upshot of it now is that a week ago I contacted you of my progress and that I was nigh on finished the transformation but alas you had something else to introduce me to; Bio-Visual Focus.

The first 3 videos I was doing anyway but to go out onto the practice tee, visualize the shot with eyes closed and hit ball after ball was a different matter indeed.

But you know what? It was and is now very easy to do and in fact I hit a shag bag full with eyes closed now and all of you who read this and try it you will know how pure the contact is. Hitting balls has always been a joy but this is awesome to say the least. I have also found with eyes closed that one tends to hit say 5yds further with the wedges and uncannily accurate.

I am feeling a lot more comfortable over the ball now than when I was on scratch or 1 and can now visualize any shot with my eyes closed prior to the shot and just go ahead an execute it.

Finally, I shot my age of 70 a couple of weeks ago and an average day yesterday of 74 is the proof in the pudding of Tracy's simple technique.

Tracy, I will always be indebted to you for your kindness in the way you have offered help.. In fact my wife has not listened to me about this dynamic balance over the last 4 years, yet she watches your videos once and now claims you are the Guru!!!

All the best,

Ross Tuck

"Bio-Visual Focus has been a great learning opportunity for me."

"The concepts behind it are fresh and unique and not mechanical which has been a great revelation for me and my golf game since I've always been so focused on swing mechanics. Using BVF I've been able to have a unique, new awareness with regards to my balance and how I come through the ball. I never really realized how important balance was, or how bad mine was prior to.

The bigger picture here is that by focusing an awareness (not actually trying to manipulate) on what is actually happening through out the swing, ie. your feet, or the club, you gain a sense of knowledge of what you should or shouldn't do and how to correct it.

BVF and the concepts from Extraordinary golf have really helped my game over the last 4 months. The two of them together have allowed me to view golf differently, not become fixated on swing fixes or bandaids but moreover have provided me with a new way of viewing the game.

Bio-Visual Focus gives me a method to really stay focused and allows me to make my natural swing, with balance and trust so that I can ultimately let go when I play.

Tracy has been extremely helpful and thoughtful and available throughout the process. At one point I was going to quit playing due to frustration, but he was willing to help me understand where the challenge was and how to move forward from it.

I've recently started playing more consistent golf and I believe that better golf is ahead of me."

Max Cohen
Pleasanton, CA

PS: My game is really coming around. I should say the scoring has gotten much better. In my last 10 rounds I've had 2 73's, a 72 (with a back nine -2), a couple of 75's, 76 and only one bad round in the 80's.

I've had double digit GIR ranging between 10-13 in every round, more double digit fairway rounds also. My handicap has trended down from around a 1-1.5 to what looks like it might be 0 after this next cycle!

REMEMBER: This is the ONLY place on the planet you will find this extraordinary training.