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Tracy Reed
My motto: I turn good golfers into Clutch golfers.

If you knew me twenty years ago, you’d say I was the least likely to discover the secrets of consistency and the Zone. It’s why I believe it may have been destiny, because of the strange pattern of events along the way.

To start with, I didn’t even start golfing until my 20’s. I always thought it looked boring until a friend cajoled me into playing one day. Once I realized what a challenge golf was, I was hooked. Like everything else I do, I became a student of the game and just as quickly realized how frustrating golf was. I saw 5 instructors, but none seemed to be able to help. I read everything on the game and owned about every video made on the golf swing with little improvement.

So how did I get past all of that?

It was a different road than probably any other golf instructor you may ever know.

The “how” was easy; I had to discover it if I wanted to keep playing golf…

Necessity in this case was a health issue. I had a back injury left over from my Army days that was later aggravated by an inefficient golf swing. By the time I realized what had happened it was too late. I was at a point where I either give up golf or find a way to swing the golf club that allowed me to walk after the round.

When the pain got too bad, I gave up golf. I had already known for a long time my swing wasn’t good enough to compete. But by the time I realized it, I was hooked on the game and would not quit playing. The problem is that I rarely finished a round of golf without extreme pain or loss of feeling in one leg. I had no choice but to quit.

That lasted until a good friend asked me to help him with his golf swing for a company tournament he was going to play in. We went to a new local driving range where they had a natural putting course in front of the building. After we worked on Jeff’s swing, the pro at the driving range asked if we wanted to enter the putting contest. We did and we won. Putting was the reason I kept a 7 handicap.

My prize was a free lesson. I had already been to 5 pros who couldn’t help so I decided that this lesson would be different or it wouldn’t happen at all. The pro’s name was Robert and I started by asking him what he could do that the last 5 instructors couldn’t. His answer was honest and straight forward, so I figured, I’d give him a shot.

During the lesson, I told him about my back and my situation with my swing and the 5 other instructor who couldn’t help me. In 15 minutes, he had my swing problem properly diagnosed and in the next 15 minutes, he had me hitting balls better than I ever had in the past with a minimum of pain. I asked what he knew that the last 5 instructor didn’t. The answer was Biomechanics.

I knew after that lesson that by learning biomechanics, I might have a chance of competing again…

To make a long story short, I could play in much less pain, but competition was not in the stars for me. But I had something I didn’t have just a week before. I had hope to once again play golf at a high level.

  • Hope started the research to see if there was more to golf than biomechanics.
  • Hope led to the discovery of the use of bio-feedback to control shot accuracy and shape.
  • Hope led to me becoming an instructor.

The discovery of using bio-feedback for shot control led me to realize that there was a better way to teach golf and get faster results. I created a golf instruction course based on the building blocks of movement and stayed away from technique style instruction, called Golf Swing Control. It was an online course and even though I never saw the thousands of golfers I was teaching, their results verified that I had truly discovered the secret of consistency.

By the time I had created Golf Swing Control, I had come to terms with my hope. I wasn’t going to play professional golf. My body just wouldn’t allow it. But my condition led me to discover something that no other instructor in the world knew. That something was an edge that competitive golfers could use to stay at the top of the heap.

To keep this crucial discovery to myself would’ve been a sin I couldn’t live with.

Once I had been teaching Golf Swing Control for a while, the better golfers and professionals I was teaching wanted more. Funny thing, by this time, I had pretty much lost the vision in one eye, making golf a little bit more of a challenge for me.

Because I had to rely on other senses to play golf other than my eyes, my inner sense of visualization became very sharp. I realized I was now doing something new to play golf, something that would make my better golfers even better, but at the time, I had no idea of how much better. I was in for a surprise.

I started working out the sequence of events to create Bio-Visual Focus. My pros didn’t know it, but they were the test subjects. One piece at a time, I would add new ideas to their routines to see how they took them. Then I accidentally discovered the crucial piece of the puzzle while demonstrating a cheap parlor trick on the driving range one day.

I told golfers that they didn’t need to see to play great golf. I demonstrated by closing my eyes and hitting balls. I missed the first few, then I hit one solid; then the next, and the next until everyone else was trying it too. But they couldn’t hit the ball with their eyes closed. I didn’t understand why… for about a week.

I kept recreating the experience in my mind until it hit me. I didn’t hit the ball until I saw it in my mind’s eye. It wasn’t until my subconscious saw the process visually while my eyes were closed that I hit the ball.

I went back to one of the golfers and asked him to close his eyes and try hitting the ball again. I asked him to be more aware of what he “saw” with his eyes closed as he tried to hit the ball and a few swings later he connected. he told me what he saw, which was the same thing I saw. That discovery opened the door to the process of Bio-Visual Focus.

Over the next few years, I perfected the process and now golfers can learn it as well from the videos as they can with me beside them.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I was a hopeful, old, crippled, half-blind, fool hooked on golf, none of these discoveries would have surfaced! Once I found them and realized their value, I had no choice but to make sure these discoveries got into the hands of deserving golfers.

What I’m saying is simply that I’m not some instructor making something up to make a buck. Fate brought me here and dropped this in my lap, knowing I wouldn’t turn my back on the golfers who want the ultimate edge for their games.

If you work with me on your golf game, don’t expect a traditional approach to the game. DO expect fast results because I have eliminated all of the reasons the traditional approach to golf takes so long to see results. If you pay attention, I’ll have you striping the ball blindfolded in no time.

Now it’s up to you. If you want the ultimate edge for your golf game, this is where fate has placed it for you.

Take some time to read the free articles. Then work on the first three lessons. Follow directions to the letter and email me with your results after each lesson. You might just be able to use Bio-Visual Focus too.

I always like to hear ideas from golfers, so comments are welcome.

  • Peter Salmon
    #1 written by Peter Salmon  5 years ago

    Hi Tracy, this is all very interesting for me and have only discovered it for an hour or so and have not even started the first lessons. However I really must ask you something that has now bugged me for 5-6 years and although alot of improvement still not have been able to grasp it, I hope you can help.

    As I say around 5-6 years ago I noticed that when I looked back into a mirror and swung from there I had what i felt and still feel and what alot of pros and good golfers have told me is a great golf swing. However when my head goes back down I never seem to get the same feeling. I can actually hit the ball really well loking back and then at the ball just before impact but that will never be good enough for the standard i want to play at. I am currently a 9 handicap and was in my yourger years even down to 1.

    This, I know, is a strange one but perhaps together we can work it out. I am currently working on letting my mind see myself in the mirror while my head is down and not looking back and your exercises doing this with my eyes closed will I am sure help. I feel that in the last hour or so I have got further to get this image/feeling thatn i have in the last few years. This is exciting and would like very much to work with you on this. However I´m sure your help and advice is not for free and i can´t see anywhere on the web-site where and how I can pay for this advice/help. I look forward to hearing from you: pjbs57@gmail.com

    Thanks and kind regards, Peter

  • louis britt
    #2 written by louis britt 3 years ago

    When are you going to publish your new book???

    • admin
      #3 written by admin  3 years ago

      Still editing… It’s a tiring process but I believe it is worth it.
      Thanks for your patience.

  • carly azmiller
    #4 written by carly azmiller 2 years ago

    is there a new book?

    • admin
      #5 written by admin  2 years ago

      The latest book called “Breaking Golf’s Last Barrier” can be found at amazon.com

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