US Open Qualifying

I’ve been around golf a long time. Every year the best golfers I know try to qualify for the US Open.

Every year, on golf courses they normally play at 2 to 4 under par, I see great golfers lose it and miss qualification.

So why does it happen?

They certainly have the game to make it, but along the way, their mind gets in the way. It’s usually only a few shots that make the difference. Once they know that The US Open is out of reach again, they go back to playing a normal game of golf.

So the problem is mental… What’s the cure? Think nothing? That’s impossible.

But golfers who have played in the zone say they weren’t thinking anything! That sentence needs to be finished. They weren’t thinking anything conscious! It’s not easy to do, and it can’t be done by “not thinking.”

The reason golfers who have experienced the zone didn’t think anything conscious is because they were thinking completely from their subconscious. They were thinking visually.

So, if you want to qualify for the US Open Golf Tournament, you will need to be able to keep your conscious thoughts from sabotaging your effort. The solution is to think visually.

Of course, there are some issues there as well…

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