"To WIN on any Golf Tour Or Just Play Your Best Game of Golf, You need an Edge to Stand Out from the rest of the field... The Zone IS that Edge that makes your golf game its very best"

Your best golf swing, your best focus...
Your best golf game...ever.

You Only Have to Learn This One Simple Detail To Open The Door To The Zone, Your Best Golf Swing, And Your Best Golf Ever!

What I'm Saying Is... Now ANY Golfer Can Now Easily
Find The Zone And Their Best Golf Game Ever!

New research reveals that the Zone is NOT JUST a mental experience.
There is one physical element of your golf swing that acts like The Key that opens the door to the Zone...

If you get this one element right, your golf swing becomes automatic and the Zone becomes very easy to slip into...

If you've been using current mental game techniques trying to find the Zone for your golf game, you're probably as frustrated as I was for years.

Today's mainstream mental strategies for getting in the Zone are STILL hit or miss because they are still leaving out the critical element that makes the Zone possible. And you won't find it in any of the books at the book store...

I know because after over 20 years of research and testing, I finally uncovered the missing piece of the puzzle to consistently get into the Zone.

What led me to the secret? Learning that The Zone isn't completely mental. In a eureka moment I discovered that there is a crucial physical aspect of the Zone that without it, you have no chance of getting there...

Let me explain in the video below.

You might believe that the key element is balance... But there is more to it than just balance.
You see it's HOW you use balance that makes all of the difference in your golf game
It starts with Awareness of Balance:

  • Balance awareness is the secret to a consistently repeating golf swing.
  • Balance awareness is the key that unlocks the subconscious mind and the Zone.
  • Balance awareness is easy to master!

Because balance is your body's response to gravity and since gravity doesn't change, neither will the feel keys for your golf swing if they are rooted in gravity.
The process I am talking about is Active Awareness
I'll explain further as we go along...

Do your current practice methods have you playing the golf game you expect from yourself?

If not, keep reading.

I'm Tracy Reed. I'm a Golf Biomechanic, a former Military Interrogator, a Sports Mental Specialist and the author of Golf Swing Control and Breaking Golf's Last Barrier.
These days, I am a Finishing Coach. My expertise is showing golfers of all abilities how to quickly finish the details that help them step up to their best golf game without frustration or the agony of long, drawn out technical instruction or countless hours "on the couch" talking about your thoughts on the golf course.

For the last 25 years I have been researching mind/body communication as it applies to golf, looking for the breakthrough I achieved over 5 years ago.

My students tell me they experience more positive, permanent results in their golf games after one hour of instruction than other instructors have done for them in weeks or years. I am not necessarily any better. I just have a different approach that makes more sense for the golfers I coach.

To put your true situation into perspective... On the golf course, you don't have video equipment to tape your swing and review it. You don't have an instructor beside you to constantly correct your mistakes and you need a way to know what's going on to stay on track, especially if you are in competition.

If your training methods rely on these things, going out on the golf course is like fighting the lions at the colosseum with your hands tied behind your back...

In contrast, while technique based instruction requires golfers to suffer for 6 to 12 months when making a swing change, the Bio-Visual Focus golfer can now make a golf swing adjustment in 1 to 4 hours of practice and use it effectively the next day.

So what's so radical about the Bio-Visual Focus methodology?

The true sources of inconsistency are NOT what we have been taught for years in traditional instruction but the old methods are so permenantly entrenched, no instructor will suddenly turn a 180 and admit that there is a much easier way to create a great golf game. (A method that also frees YOU from the current trappings of golf instruction)

The true source of inconsistency in golf:

Your subconscious includes an automatic balance function that engages all of the time without ever getting notice... Until you trip or are suddenly pushed off balance. When that happens your whole body IMMEDIATELY reacts to attempt to place you back into a balanced condition.

Under normal conditions, the auto-balance system makes small unnoticed corrections as you move around, taking advantage of your normal pattern of movement.

In most sports, the auto-balance system makes corrections as you run. Auto-balance takes advantage of your steps to make those corrections...

But in golf, once you set up for a shot, you don't move your feet...

Which takes away the balance mechanism your body and mind RELY on, forcing the mind to take more drastic measures if needed...

If you start your backswing out of balance, even slightly, The auto balance system WILL react, but instead of making changes as you step, it will REDIRECT YOUR MUSCLES to stay in balance, which will have an immediate and detrimental affect on your golf swing.

Even worse (yes there is worse), whenever the auto-balance system must intervene to rebalance your body, it SHUTS the door to the subconscious... Bye, bye visualization... Bye, bye Zone.

But if you set up properly and maintain balance during the shot, your golf swing works virtually on automatic, allowing you to focus better, visualize, and enter the Zone at will during your golf game.

But even in perfect balance there is another crucial factor that affects the games of the best pros day in and day out...

As I stated during the video, your visualizations must match those your mind already uses to move your body, or your mind will throw them out, leaving your body with no instructions for the shot you are making.

I will take you through the process of identifying the visual cues that positively affect your golf game and show you how to develop these to the degree that your body will automatically make micro-adjustments to your swing even during the downswing in order to deliver the image you are using to drive your golf swing.

What I'm saying is important. if you're having a bad day:
  • It's probably NOT your technique that is causing the problem.
  • Technique based instruction WILL NOT solve it.
  • Traditional mental training doesn't cover any of this and actually makes the problems worse.
  • Auto-balance and improper visualization affect every type of golf swing taught today, so a different swing method won't fix the problem either.

Bio-Visual Focus, uses a mind-body communications technique called Active Awareness to insure perfect balance and the proper visualization to consistently create the most accurate golf shots in practice or live play. The side affects that golfers enjoy are the creation of real muscle memory and supreme focus on or off the golf course.

Actually, it was Jack Nicklaus who first used what is now Bio-Visual Focus. It was his secret for maximum focus during every shot on the golf course. He explains the simplicity of it on page 79 of "Golf My Way", by Jack Nicklaus with Ken Bowden where he talks about "going to the movies". Much of today's golf psychology was designed around this one paragraph, but unfortunately, they missed the most important piece of the picture that Nicklaus talks about.

In 2006, Tiger Woods discovered this same secret and used it to win the PGA despite being badly injured.

Once I realized the real importance of that one paragraph in Jack's book, I was on my way to understanding the importance of the mind-body connection to accurate golf shots and the real, repeatable path into the Zone.

Just as Jack Nicklaus did in his pre-shot routine, Bio-Visual Focus is implemented during the pre-shot routine to neutralize the hidden forces working against you so that you can recreate your best golf shots when you need them most.

Best of all, but you already use the same formula to a lesser degree when you walk or drive a car.

Since Bio-Visual Focus isn't technique based golf swing instruction it works with any type of golf swing except "The Natural Golf Swing Method" which biomechanically is NOT natural.

Bio-Visual Focus is so powerful, it makes it possible for your mind to make last second micro-adjustments to your golf swing DURING the downswing for even better accuracy.

It sounds hard to believe but the mind has amazing abilities if you clear the way for it to do what it naturally does best. To be able to make such adjustments during movement, both the mind and body must be working in concert with absolutely no distractions. If you've ever found yourself in the Zone or witnessed a golfer in the Zone, that is what is happening.

Don't believe me... See for yourself starting with the first 4 videos absolutely free.

Let me explain how it works...

Bio-Visual Focus is a 3 part training process:
  1. In stage one you learn how easy it is to tap into AND THINK through your subconscious using a process called Active Awareness. You also learn how to master your auto-balance system to maintain perfect balance during any golf shot.

  2. Stage 2 opens the mental communication channels that allow for the trained mind to guide the body to make your best golf swing. Besides opening communication channels, you learn your first passive control mechanism to improve overall accuracy and consistency. This step brings conscious forces and the body into alignment.

  3. Stage 3 uses a combination of awareness and intent to guide the micro-adjustments that result in an even more accurate golf shot. This stage is where your subconscious mind does the work, distractions are gone and Zone action happens. The subconscious, the conscious, and the body are working perfectly together and amazing things happen. The results are shots so accurate, you'll have a hard time believing it at first.

Overall, there are 11 steps in Bio-Visual Focus training. Each step adds to your ability to perform better, so the training can be implemented slowly over a period of time with no loss of previous abilities. Each stage of training is taught in 3 steps and there is a final step that brings it all together.

So what kind of results should you expect?

  • Golfers Properly Trained With Bio-Visual Focus Can Hit ANY Shot, Draw or Fade, From A Neutral Stance, On Target, Under Pressure, With Their Eyes Closed, Time After Time After Time...

  • Scores Average 2 to 3 Strokes Better Per Round in Competition. (scratch handicap or better)

  • Overall Confidence is Through the Roof.

Finding your best golf game starts with an honest review your golf game...

So answer honestly... Are you are frustrated because you practice more than most, take instruction, and do everything that you are told it takes to get to a professional level golf game without seeing the consistent results you expect?

What are you trying to achieve when you practice? Only a dedicated golfer is willing to face this question, but once you do, you are on the way to the improvement you are looking for. This question tells why you get frustrated when you miss an easy golf shot during play. You know you CAN make that shot because you've done it hundreds of times, but you still miss it and you just want to know WHY.

Lowering your handicap means NOT missing those easy shots, which means you need consistency.

The Hardest part of this training for me is to convince golfers that what they are experiencing is REAL!

So I only ask that you suspend all of the current beliefs you have about the golf swing, give these exercises a real shot, and when the results seem unbelieveable, keep doing this until your mind is convinced that it IS possible and that it is real. If you can do that, you can clear your mind of the thousands of thoughts floating in your mind about the golf swing and play the golf game you currently only dream about.

From Alex in N.C.

I started bio-visual focus as a miserable 4 handicap. Fortunately, I have plenty of time to play a lot of golf and practice hard. I've tried everything, conventional teaching, pga pros/pga players, mental strategy books, even bio-mechanical swing techniques.

All of these things have helped me get better, but none of them lasted, nor were fun ways to play golf. I was constantly worried about getting my body into certain positions, my swing was choppy and required perfect timing, and I was littered with constant thoughts. This really took the fun out of the game for me, and didn't slow me to enjoy it for what I love about it most. My goal has always been to get as good as I can, and be a plus handicap. However, somewhere along the way it has shifted into just being able to play golf. Play golf without the insanity of swing thoughts, training aids, techniques, searching for answers in the middle of a round- that only compounded issue upon issue. My golf swing on camera looked flawless, but when I got to the course, it was an absolute gamble on my performance for that round.

After taking Tracy's course, it has given me a freedom around my golf swing. I used to play everyday to ensure I would have the swing the next day, that never worked. Now, I have confidence in the fact that if I execute my routine properly, and use the correct imagery everything just syncs and just happens properly. I'm still somewhat new to using Tracy's method, but the confidence that has instilled in me is something that none of the things above has ever given to me. I think the true beauty of this program is the freedom from being trapped by all of the conventional garbage you learn and hear on a day to day basis, being a golfer.

As far as a statistical point of view, I instantly gained 30 yards on my drives, the ability to work the ball, and my short game shots were uncanny. I can't express how liberating it is to not have to rely upon something that is unreliable. Tracy's method has taken the guess work out of the golf swing. I'm not saying I have instantly become a tour caliber player, what I am saying is I'm able to have fun, and actually play golf instead of playing the golf swing. I don't think anybody can take this course and not benefit in someway, if they are fully invested in it. Thank you very much,

Tracy. If anyone has any questions for me personally, I would be happy to answer them.

Alex Lloyd, N.C

Testing using the FocusBand System has proven without a doubt that the Bio-Visual Focus process not only places a golfer in the Zone, BUT it places a golfer in the Zone for each shot on the golf course!

How to get Bio-Visual Focus Training

I only maintain 5 to 10 personal clients per year. If you want this training in person, there are a few requirements:

  • First, you have to be genuinely inspired to play way above your current level of play. Bio-Visual Focus may challenge many of your beliefs about golf. If you aren't open to challenge some of the "standards" you hear in golf instruction, BVF probably won't make sense.
  • You must be able to pay attention to details and follow directions. Sounds simple but so many golfers I have met over the years just won't take the time to do it.
  • You need to be (or have been at one time) about a 7 handicap or below with a golf swing you trust. When you complete the course, your golf swing will be much more consistent, powerful and efficient even though we don't work on your golf swing. It happens because we work on how your mind and body work together, which is 100 times more powerful than any technique based golf swing instruction.

If you have that, you should take the next step to see if you are a candidate for the full Bio-Visual Focus course...

This course is designed for better players (below a 7 hcp unless you've been there before). I give you the first 4 lessons free because I'm one person and my time is valuable. to make best use of my time, these lessons help me to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you would like to be one of the rare breed of golfers in the world to truly understand AND command the Zone there are two ways to go about it.

I do give private lessons and I will travel to your location to do it. It isn't cheap and if you have to ask how much, don't bother. Choice 2 is to learn online. Either way, I am involved directly with you so it is important for you and me that you are a good candidate. The first 4 lessons will tell me what I need to know before I accept you as a full membership student.

Oh, by the way, the reason I'm the only golf instructor in the world teaching this is a true reflection of golf instruction today. After I had tested my instruction and had PROVEN results, I tried to share my findings with the rest of the golf community...

EVEN with proof and results, every other instructor I talked to except one told me that what I was doing was impossible!

Does the golf instruction industry have it's head in the sand?

One more thing...

Every golfer I teach, including PGA professionals must perform these first 4 lessons. It is the exact same training I use for PGA professionals during live training.

The first 4 lessons are the building blocks the rest of the program is built on. They are also a microcosm of the way the course is designed. Without full understanding of these concepts, playing consistent sub-par golf is not likely.

  1. Carefully read and follow directions paying attention to detail. Don't let the simplicity of the lessons fool you. The processes that you discover in your mind and body are very important.
  2. Contact me after each lesson on the "Contact Us" page to tell me about your results. Ask me whatever questions come to mind.
  3. Once we discuss the results of each lesson, I will explain what that lesson is doing for your golf game and work with you to make sure you get the desired results.
  4. I will move you up to the next lesson only after you have successfully completed the previous lesson.

Once you've completed the first 4 lessons, you are past 1/3 of the way through Bio-Visual Focus. At that time we'll discuss whether you are a good candidate for the rest of the course.

Whether or not we find out that Bio-Visual Focus will work for you, these lessons will help your golf game.

After you know if Bio-Visual Focus is right for you, I will provide you with the information you need to get the rest of this amazing instruction if this is the direction you choose to go.

IMPORTANT: Don't let the simplicity of these lessons fool you. You'll learn things in those lessons that no other golf instructor will ever show you.

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What golfers are saying about Bio-Visual Focus...

"My friends were astonished what they saw."

"My sincere thanks goes for teaching me the right path to play effortless golf. I will never forget what you have taught me. I have to tell you this story...

I was playing golf with my friends (I haven't played with them since I joined BVF) and they were astonished what they saw - I was able to create any shot and I even showed-off by hitting 150yd par 3 with my EYES CLOSED and almost got hole-in-one (end up with birdie). I had to literally help one of my friends close his mouth. They asked me who was my coach and I replied - Tracy Reed!!! They said when can we meet him and we're willing to pay any amount to be as good as me. I told them that I NEVER met this guy and everything I learnt was online and via email. They couldn't stop laughing!!! They probably thought I was taking some kind of illegal substance like the guy in the movie "Limitless".

Anyway, I gave them the BVF email address and hope few more Aussies will join in. Once again thanks to Tracy and the Bio-Visual Focus Staff."
Raj Singh, Adelaide, Australia

"Bio-Visual Focus has literally transformed my game."

Your work with Bio-Visual Focus is outstanding. Even as a low single digit handicapper I NEVER stepped up to the ball with full confidence. This may sound strange, but until I learned Bio-Visual Focus, I didn't even realize how tentative I was over the ball! Sure I hit some good shots -- sometimes I would even have streaks of several great shots in a row, but did I have true confidence? No, not really. Back then if considering shots I perceived to be difficult, I would actually freeze for a couple of moments after getting set up to the ball. No more.

Bio-Visual Focus has literally transformed my game. Now I simply decide exactly what I want to do, step up to the ball, and perform. It's amazing to see the ball doing exactly what I visualized as part of my pre-shot routine. I can't believe the transformation. I don't have to "hit it and hope" anymore. Those days are long gone!

Tracy, your program is pure gold. I wish I had found Bio-Visual Focus earlier. I could have saved thousands of dollars on instructional videos, books, and lessons from teaching professionals. Nobody puts it all together like you do in Bio-Visual Focus.
Michael Reynolds, Columbus Ohio

"I've worked with Tracy for years and had nothing but success. His visualization techniques are the best I have ever seen, and his ground breaking Dynamic Balance routines are something that every golfer, whether beginner or professional should use."
Gary Brewer II, PGA Professional

"I have had more success, higher finishes, and bigger paychecks in the 2 months since I worked with Tracy than I did in the previous 4 years... and the results have been almost instantaneous."
Curtis Knight Golf Professional, Jacksonville, Florida

Nick is back on track after just one hour with Tracy... After only 1 hour with Tracy working on both his mental and physical golf game together, Nick shot a 67 his first time out after an 8 month layoff due to a shoulder injury.
Nick Vaden Golf Professional, Tampa, FL

"Bio-Visual Focus has been a great learning opportunity for me."

"The concepts behind it are fresh and unique and not mechanical which has been a great revelation for me and my golf game since I've always been so focused on swing mechanics. Using BVF I've been able to have a unique, new awareness with regards to my balance and how I come through the ball. I never really realized how important balance was, or how bad mine was...

Bio-Visual Focus gives me a method to really stay focused and allows me to make my natural swing, with balance and trust so that I can ultimately let go when I play.

Tracy has been extremely helpful and thoughtful and available throughout the process. At one point I was going to quit playing due to frustration, but he was willing to help me understand where the challenge was and how to move forward from it.

I've recently started playing more consistent golf and I believe that better golf is ahead of me."

Max Cohen
Pleasanton, CA

PS: My game is really coming around. I should say the scoring has gotten much better. In my last 10 rounds I've had 2 73's, a 72 (with a back nine -2), a couple of 75's, 76 and only one bad round in the 80's.

I've had double digit GIR ranging between 10-13 in every round, more double digit fairway rounds also. My handicap has trended down from around a 1-1.5 to what looks like it might be 0 after this next cycle!

Ross shot his age... at age 70!

Hello Tracy
It was in March 2008 I contacted you via your Golf Swing Control and I was introduced to the concept of Dynamic Balance.

I knew then that after 40+ years playing on single figures (and that was on courses worldwide as golf was my business) that I would take the radical step and change my swing completely and use dynamic balance as the base. It was very difficult at first.

I am now using my feet to get better balance (Dynamic Balance technique) with the putting as well. It has made tremendous difference and long putts are so accurate.

Anyway, the upshot of it now is that a week ago I contacted you of my progress and that I was nigh on finished the transformation but alas you had something else to introduce me to; Bio-Visual Focus.

The first 3 videos I was doing anyway but to go out onto the practice tee, visualize the shot with eyes closed and hit ball after ball was a different matter indeed.

But you know what? It was and is now very easy to do and in fact I hit a shag bag full with eyes closed now and all of you who read this and try it you will know how pure the contact is. Hitting balls has always been a joy but this is awesome to say the least. I have also found with eyes closed that one tends to hit say 5yds further with the wedges and uncannily accurate.

I am feeling a lot more comfortable over the ball now than when I was on scratch or 1 and can now visualize any shot with my eyes closed prior to the shot and just go ahead an execute it.

Finally, I shot my age of 70 a couple of weeks ago and an average day yesterday of 74 is the proof in the pudding of Tracy's simple technique.

Tracy, I will always be indebted to you for your kindness in the way you have offered help.. In fact my wife has not listened to me about this dynamic balance over the last 4 years, yet she watches your videos once and now claims you are the Guru!!!

All the best,

Ross Tuck


Here is what golfers trained with Bio-Visual Focus experience on the golf course:

  • Total confidence over every shot.
  • Clear visualization and feel for every shot.
  • You hit the shots you see because your golf swing self-adjusts, conforming to the shots you see in your head.
  • If you miss a shot, you're still close, but you ALSO immediately know what went wrong and you can correct it before you take a single step toward the next shot.
  • Better distance and accuracy than ever.
  • No conscious interruption over a shot - a bomb could go off behind you and you wouldn't hear it.
  • Between shots you can think or talk about anything without worry that you'll lose your focus or the zone.
  • No more hoping to find the zone or worrying when it'll leave - it's there for every golf shot... Under your total control.
  • The ability to "step on" a shot knowing you won't lose it right or left.
  • The ability to attack the course and play at an even higher level to come from behind when you need to for the win.
  • NO MORE looking for answers to questions, changing your golf swing or instruction of any kind... You have all of the answers and can just play golf.

What are you waiting for?

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